Water Grain Instructions

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Water Kefir Grain Instructions

Basic recipe:

One cup non-chlorinated water

One tablespoon organic cane juice crystals or white sugar

½ teaspoon black strap molasses or rapadura

You can use a blender or hot water to dissolve. Make sure water is completely cool before adding the culture. This will feed ¼ cup water grains. The ideal temperature is 75ºF. Below this temperature fermentation will take many days longer and your water grains will not grow well. You can make an incubator by putting a hot water bottle in a cooler.

     Let the water grains complete their cycle. That means, if it is still sweet, it isn’t done. Leave it alone. When it becomes pleasantly tart, strain out the water grains using a fine mesh strainer and start the process over.  When your water grains double, double the recipe.

     After a few days or weeks you will have more water grains in your culture jar. Continue making water kefir with a portion of your water grains with the basic recipe. This is your back up insuring you always have firm, healthy happy, and growing water grains.

     Water grains will ferment any beverage, including coconut water, but they may not grow and they may turn to mush and you lose them eventually. No matter; you have your back up jar going. 

     You may refrigerate the finished product. You may also  refrigerate your culture jar with the water grains inside.  Water grains may stop growing for reasons I do not know. I am no expert about water grains. They seem to lose  their growth factor often. They usually lose their growth factor if you dry them for back up purposes.


Sprouting Hobby



Radish, cabbage, broccoli and basic salad mix microgreens growing in mushroom containers.



I sprout the seeds on paper towels and harvest in 10 days.


The best microgreen sprouter of all

These are growing on a bamboo paper towel using a special insert that fits perfectly in a 9 ounce solo cup. Set it up, walk away and harvest in 10 to 14 days. Enough for one sandwich for one person. Instructions, 5 bamboo paper towel wicks, broccoli seeds, and insert $15 including shipping.