I just wanted to write back and say thank you for the kefir grains. They are some of the fastest acting grains I've ever used. And thanks for all the great information that you sent along with the grains. That was a real plus!!!  Wishing you the best in health,       Charlie (USN)

I received the grains in the mail a month ago.

Wow, they are just great.

Having problems with my grain for so long, I forgot.

I also bought some on ebay about a week before yours arrived.

I have to say, ones from ebay OK. but your grains arrived so fat and

plump, and are producing so much more kefir.

I really missed my kefir fix. Thanks again      Pam

Good morning, Marilyn,

As a Canadian ordering, I just have to say your order system is great, so reasonably priced and prompt. The grains arrive fast; they reactivate quickly, exactly according to your detailed instructions. I'm a complete novice and am enjoying kefir from the milk grains and have just gotten started with the water kefir. Thank you so much for everything.

Betty Ann

I forgot to tell you that I had sent out six other request for information on how to obtain Kefir grains along with my request to you. As of yet, I only have had one reply and he said that he did not have any at the time and suggested that I might try e-bay.

I have my kefir grains from you already, and the others have yet to respond. .. Just wanted to let you know that I am thankful for your service.  I will be sure to tell all of my friends that the Kefirlady is for real,............. the real deal.

James J. Kemp

Marilyn, thank you for your prompt service and detailed instructions.  The recipes look interesting, and I look forward to

using them.  Your trust in people is amazing.  I could  not believe you would send the product before receiving

payment.  I wish you the best.


Just received my kefir today and I found the instructions to be very clear. The recipes certainly looked interesting and I look forward to trying them out. The page on oil pulling was a surprise and I appreciate the information as I'm always looking to improve my health through more traditional methods. I sent the payment out today and so it should get there within the next few days. Your trust based way of doing business is certainly inspiring and I wish you the best in life.

Thanks again


I really am happy with Marilyn's kefir grains.  I tried freeze dried grains and powder and both of them were nasty; the freeze dried grains ended up dying. I bought Marilyn's goat kefir grains a few weeks ago and they're awesome!!!!!! They were live, plump, and able to grow well from the beginning. Danika, Davis County, Utah

Greetings fellow kefir fans,

I am giving Marilyn's kefir grains a great rating. Grown in

organic, raw goat milk, these grains are producing super kefir and are

multiplying wonderfully. Her accompanying brochure is very useful.

Thank you Marilyn.


I'll second that review!  I also received grains from Marilyn very

recently and they are making quite wonderful kefir already from 2%

pasteurized milk from the grocery store.  Marilyn's kefir grains are

raised on raw jersey milk.  And the booklet she sends is lovely with

lots of nice recipes and other information.

Mary M

For premium grains and help, Marilyn Kefirlady is a good source (not the least expensive but I am a happy "customer" and highly recommend her).

Bill D

Thanks, I notice that it soothes my stomach and alleviates the pain. Gary H.

Dear Marilyn,

Thank you for the Kefir grains!  I received them today.  I want to assure you that I have mailed you $20 cash today.  Please forgive the delay, I was waiting to receive the grains.  Unfortunately I have found some people to not be honest, I was skeptical, you were too wonderful to be true!  I am a single mother with two young children on a budget that has a ledger in the red every month.  This was an important step for me to keep my family healthy.  Thank you for sharing with everyone and for making it affordable, I am looking forward to making my family and friends healthier with your Kefir grains.  I appreciate the wonderful instructions and information regarding other products and methods of keeping healthy!  I hope you are having a beautiful summer,

Amy from Montana

Marilyn, thanks so much for making water kefir grains available. I hope that you are blessed and able to continue providing this service as more people learn about WAPF and NT. You are a true blessing to us. Thank you! Christina from North Brunswick, NJ.

Your Kefir grains were fantastic. They're loving their new (continued) RAW goat's milk home and began growing like weeds right away, even after being stuck in the mail for a week. I feel like they nearly doubled in the first few days?

I've been putting the kefir on and in everything I make. Wonderful flavor & I feel fantastic! I used to have a lactose issue. The little bugs are working great. I've eaten pasteurized cow products all week (summer events) and have had zero bloating issues. Pro-biotic pills are a hilarious joke compared to this delicious treat.

I might try to make butter tomorrow and cheese later next week when they're producing enough for me to drink and attempt to create at the same time :)

I'm hooked! Kefir addict! Thank you for providing quality healthy product.  John in Washington

I just got my grains from a lady on list and made my first batch last

night. She gave wonderful instructions with the grains. Her name and

email: Marilyn Kefirlady, marilynjarz@gmail.com

I am very pleased with my grains and the instructions.


Great goaty goodness in humongous cloud kefir grains.  Danika

I like you kefirlady. Gerardine from Italy

God bless you and all that you do to help others with your kefir.  Angela

The kefir is doing very well. I'm so glad I ordered them from you. CM Powell, TN

I admire your website and the way you do business, and will certainly mail cash payment to you right away, Marilyn Kefirlady.

Rene from Half Moon Bay, CA 

The kefir drink tastes fantastic--much better than the freeze-dried culture I was using.  Thanks.  Anne from Fruitland, ID

Hi Marilyn,

Just wanted to thank you again for such a quick response. The grains are doing very well, and after a week, I'm now using the extras to experiment. My family is starting to learn more about kefir and kombucha, and they are excited about the whole process.

The information you sent along with the grains was very helpful. Thank you for educating as well as providing excellent quality and service.




I received my kefir grains and I am enjoying making the kefir so much that I now want to try

my hand at Kombucha.  Please send me two scobys and I will send the $35 tomorrow (Saturday).

I look forward to receiving it next week.

You have been a wealth of knowledge and your instructions were very clear and helped me with the kefir.

I found a forum as I surfed and people had all kinds of questions about kefir- it was like the blind leading the blind and I thought I was so blessed because most of what they were asking - you already

gave me the answers when you sent me my kefir grains.  Because you have been so helpful I wouldn't think of ordering my Kombucha anywhere else but from you.  I am sure your directions

will be equally helpful.  Thanks so much for steering me from the powder to getting the grains!!!  You are very refreshing to do business with.

Paulette, Louisville, KY

Hi Marilyn,

I want you to know that you are doing more for

healthy living than many of the Dr.s I have seen

in the past years. Your efforts are truly appreciated !

I will spread the word !

Susan from Arizona

Dear Marilyn,

I have ordered Kefir grains from you twice and both times I received my order quickly and in perfect order. The first time, a few years ago, I ordered the dried grains and although it took a while, they bounced back and produced great kefir.  About a year ago I decided to buy some of your fresh milk kefir grains. Those grains were so healthy and grew very quickly. I’ve shared them with family and friends, and am sitting here now, drinking a fresh glass of room temperature perfectly-fermented kefir blended with raspberries. So delicious! I am simply amazed that I’ve been able to keep them going this long, with many refrigerator breaks along the way, and that they are as healthy as they were when I first got them. Thank you so much for what you do, for operating on the honor system and trusting people, and producing such a truly great product

Blessings to you and your family.

Cindy McCaffrey Michigan