Prices of all three cultures plus shipping rates

At we aim to fill your  order promptly and with high quality cultures. Your cultures will grow  and last forever with proper care. 


Please do not send any money until you have received confirmation by email from us.

If you have a USA address we use the honor system and do not need your money up front.

Canada, we need payment in advance, due to the high volume of cancellations after learning the cost of shipping.

Preferred Payment Forms

US Cash paper money.

Postage stamps. I prefer stamp values of $2, $5, and forever stamps.

I also take an gift card.



Credit cards

Money orders


Western Union

To order please go to the contact us form at the bottom of the home page and fill out the form.

Please include complete shipping information. See the example below

Joann Doe

123 My Street

Somewhereville, MS, 000000

Note- Failure to provide a full address will result in slower order response and makes my job more difficult. Thank you for making my job easier, Marilyn

Order Confirmation: You will receive an email confirmation with the total amount due and planned ship date.  We Only Ship Fresh Cultures We have discontinued selling dried milk kefir grains. Drying milk kefir grains damages their growth factor, they still work but may not grow, and it could take weeks to get a good tasting batch.

As is common with dried milk kefir grains, mine were also of inferior quality, and so I chose to discontinue selling them. Fresh cultures can withstand shipping; I know by experience that kefir grains can survive up to 6 weeks in the mail. All cultures come with clear written instructions.

News flash: I figured out how to dry water kefir grains and still keep the growth factor intact. So for the first time in years, I am offering dried water kefir grains. They begin growing by the second cycle. 

All cultures come  with good instructions. All  shipments are now sent by first class mail which should arrive within 3 or 4 days in the states and 14 days to Canada and overseas. Should...but can take up to three weeks overseas. I know by experience that kefir grains can survive up to 6 weeks in the mail.


We ship most of our orders on Mondays and Fridays.

US USPS tracking now comes with all domestic first class or priority mail, the only way we ship. 

Canadian shipments are sent by first class mail which should arrive within 14 days. Don’t worry is there is a delay; fresh milk kefir grains can last up to 6 weeks in the mail. When you order dried water kefir grains it does not matter how long the shipping delay is.

Overseas: I am not shipping fresh milk kefir grains or kombucha cultures overseas currently. The package does not always reach the destination, and I am not willing to take that shipping fee loss anymore.  I am sure you understand. I will ship dried water kefir grains. I can fit up to 10 packages in a box for the same $15 shipping.

USA Customers:

  • Fresh Milk Kefir Grains           $10 per tablespoon plus $5 shipping      $15 total for one tablespoon, $25 total for two. You only need one. You get about 10 grams per tablespoon which will make 1/2 cup of kefir per day unless you do the accelerated method described on the label, which will give you a lot more kefir sooner. They will double every two weeks also so this is all you need
  • Fresh Kombucha cultures      $15 plus $8 shipping      $23 total You get a pie or round scoby, my choice. Kombucha cultures come with one cup of starter
  • Fresh Water KefirGrains        $15 plus $5 shipping       $20 total You get 1/4 cup
  • Dried Water Kefir Grains       $15 plus $5 shipping       $20 total. You get 1 tablespoon which becomes 1/4 cup when reactivated
  • Dried Water Kefir Grains wholesale 10 packages @ $10 per package $100 total plus free shipping even if you are overseas.
  • You may order two or three fresh cultures in any combination, for the same $8 shipping charge.  
  • More than two scobys must go into the next size package, a medium flat rate box, which is $14 shipping.

  •  I can fit both a microgreen kit and a package of milk kefir grains or water grains in the same package, in which case shipping will be free for your kefir grains. You save $5.  However, everything may not fit in the small flat rate box or bubble envelope depending on what else is in your order. 
  • When you order the Tiny Micro Green Kit, and if your order must go into the medium flat rate box, I will only charge you $7 instead of $14 for shipping. 

Canadian and Overseas orders:

  • 1 tablespoon Milk Kefir Grains (10 grams) $10 plus $15 shipping.

  • Please note: I am willing to ship fresh milk kefir grains overseas at this time.  However you assume all risks if the package does not  reach the destination. Your order must be prepaid by an gift card. I am not willing to take that shipping fee loss any more if your package does not get through customs or whatever the problem is.  I am sure you understand.

  • I am also shipping dried water grains both to Canada and overseas. I am trying something different to save you all on shipping cost. I am mailing in my own box by first class mail instead of using Global Priority. One tablespoon of dried water grains will be $30 including shipping. That is $15 per package plus $15 shipping. One tablespoon becomes 1/4 cup when rehydrated. Payment in advance by gift card.
  • I can fit all three cultures, milk kefir grains, a kombucha culture, and water grains in the same box for the same shipping. The kombucha culture makes it heavy and must go in the Global Priority box, which is way more expensive.
  • Shipping costs can be confusing so...
  • The best thing is to send me your order and I will do the math.
  • Ready to order? Go to the contact us form at the bottom of the home page and fill out the form. Remember to include your mailing address. Thanks, Marilyn