Instructions for Tiny Micro Green Kit


Your kit includes:

One insert that fits a 9 ounce solo cup, not included

6 bamboo paper towel wicks one inch wide by 4.5” long

6 Bounty paper towel covers, 2.5” X 2.5”

Two tablespoons of broccoli seeds enough for 12 crops


Fill the cup to within an inch of the top with clean water

Send one of the bamboo wicks down the hole until it hits bottom and fold the excess over the hole. Top two pictures.

Cut the corners off the paper towel cover to become more round and cover the inside of the insert. Bottom left.

Evenly sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon of broccoli seeds. Bottom right.

Mist lightly. That’s it. Your job is done until harvest.

Put the cup out of direct sunlight for 10-14 days.

When micro greens are the height you like put them into a sunny window to green up for a day.


Start by snipping off the wick into your kitchen compost bucket. That way no water drips onto your sandwich or salad as you turn the greens sideways and give them a “haircut” 1/4 inch at a time over your salad with scissors. Discard the roots into your kitchen compost bucket. Wash everything with soapy water and start the process over. How simple was that?

History of My Micro Green Hobby

 I have been sprouting for over 40 years. I got into micro greens in 2015 and soon was growing micro greens on a small scale for one restaurant. I did it the hard way but I didn’t know that at the time. Over the last two years I got serious about finding a better way to grow micro greens so everyone could do this with very little effort and be successful every time. 

The best method uses a wick

I knew the wicking method would be the best because it solves the problem of over watering and under watering, That's when you lose the crop and have to start over. But what is the best wick? It took me two years of experimentation and many failures to figure out that bamboo paper towels will not disintegrate during the two weeks they are in water before the harvest. When I started getting 100% success with all the small, popular seeds like radish, cabbage, broccoli, basic salad mix, etc., it was time to tell the world.

Your success is guaranteed

This micro green kit is my small contribution to enable anyone, anywhere to grow at least part of their own food. Greens have the highest nutrient density per calorie and are also the most expensive to buy. You can be growing your own greens and this kit will get you started. 

$15 includes shipping.