The taste of kombucha tea resembles apple cider. This is to remind you.

Kombucha Tea Instructions

Kombucha Tea Instructions

1. Boil 3 quarts of distilled water

2. Stir in one cup of white sugar or organic cane juice crystals. Stir until dissolved and bring back up to a boil.

3. Turn off heat and add 10-15 bags of green or black tea. Black tea steeps for 10 minutes, green tea 5 minutes.

4. Let cool overnight then pour the tea into a gallon glass jar. You can buy pickles in gallon jars at your grocery store in the institutional section; give away the pickles and you get the jar.

5. Add the scoby plus one or two cups of kombucha tea from your last batch, which is included in the bag with your scoby.

6. Cover the jar with fine cloth or paper towel and secure with a rubber band.

7. Leave undisturbed for at least 10 days at the ideal temperature of 73ºF. Colder than that it may develop mold and for sure take longer. Warmer it will take less time.

8. A baby scoby may or may not form on top. It will smell vinegary when done. If you get a baby scoby you get to make two batches next time. If you only want to make one batch, use the best looking scoby and store the other one for a back up in some finished kombucha tea. Store all your extra kombucha cultures in kombucha tea and leave at room temperature. Do not let them dry out. They will keep for several weeks and even months.

9. Strain out the “hangy dangies” from the kombucha tea you just made and bottle and refrigerate. Never refrigerate the scoby.

10. If you want to learn more about kombucha google “The Balancing Act” by Len Porzio. That is everything you need to know.

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Len Porzio is the man who knows all about fermenting kombucha. Type in his name at google.

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