Kefir Grains grown on raw goat milk

Kefir Grains grown on raw goat milk

Kefir Grains grown on raw goat milkKefir Grains grown on raw goat milkKefir Grains grown on raw goat milk

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Milk Kefir Grains

Kombucha Culture/Scoby

Tiny Micro Green Kit

My milk kefir grains are raised on raw goat milk from my own herd of goats. They switch to cows milk just fine, even the pasteurized milk from the store. But the problem with store milk is that it comes from factory farms, where the cows are treated unfairly. Do you really want to support that industry? I don't.

Also you should consider the saturated fat and cholesterol, estrogen and IGF-1 in milk no matter the source, grass fed or from GMO fed cows. Consider buying water kefir grains instead and use plant milk instead. Milk kefir grains disintegrate in plant milk over time; water grains continue to grow and prosper. I got water kefir grains to grow in goat milk when I added one tablespoon of sugar per cup. Milk kefir grains work in dairy milk only. Water kefir grains are all purpose.


Tiny Micro Green Kit

Kombucha Culture/Scoby

Tiny Micro Green Kit

Grow your own micro greens the easy way. This method guarantees your success every time. Set it up and walk away until harvest, 10-14 days later. No daily watering is required so your micro greens do not need to take up space in your kitchen. Set it and forget it.

One customer thought this was an ingenious invention. I thought so too. So it was time to share it with the world and get more people empowered to grow more of their own food starting with greens, the most nutrient dense food on earth. I make a green smoothy every day and add in water kefir grains for more probiotic benefits.


Kombucha Culture/Scoby

Kombucha Culture/Scoby

Kombucha Culture/Scoby

Kombucha Tea is in a class all by itself. Made from green or black tea and sugar, the taste resembles apple cider. It tastes good all by itself but you can flavor it any way you want. 

Water Grains - highly recommended

Grown on cane sugar and flavored any way you want this is a wonderful alternative to dairy kefir. The beauty of water grains is that they do well in any beverage including plant milk. They are more fun than milk kefir grains because you get way more options. They grow like gangbusters and you can eat them, too. They have a very pleasant chew to them. I can shipped them dried to anywhere in the world. 



March Sale


March Sale

Through the month of March I am offering a free package of water kefir grains when you also order a microgreen kit and a kombucha scoby.  Your total will be $30. The kombucha scoby is normally $15 plus $8 shipping. The microgreen kit is $15 including shipping. So basically you are getting three items for the price of two plus free shipping. Most people come here to buy milk kefir grains. Now is a good time to try water kefir and kombucha tea if you've never done that before or want to start up again. My monthly specials are based on how much overstock I have. I will not run out of microgreen kits. I will not run out of water grains. They grow like gangbusters. I am overstocked with kombucha scobys at this time but that may change. I may run out of kombucha scobys during the month of March. The special still stands. If I have to backorder a scoby or two I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

This is my way of saying thank you for supporting my small business. I could not have bought this 10 acre farm in 2014 and be able to follow my passion of permaculture and regenerative farming without you all.

The picture above shows a way how to transform rock hard clay soil into rich black soil that can grow nutrient dense food. Regenerative farming goes beyond organic. It means no till, not just no spray. By not disturbing the soil, the food web beneath the soil has a chance to grow back. This prevents soil erosion by acting like a sponge instead of washing topsoil away every time it rains. It also replenishes our aquifers. Mulch holds so much moisture that it becomes unnecessary to water the garden, saving a lot of work. Mulch feeds earthworms making for much healthier plants because...what comes out of an earthworm is five times more nutrient dense than what went in. By far and away worm castings is the best manure you can give to the farm. Spraying with Round Up one time kills half the worm population; tilling kills the rest of them. 

We do the opposite here.

Some farmers are catching the vision and now have help making the transition from GMO crops to regenerative farming. Building soil health is the number one priority for restoring our health, the economy, and the health of the environment. It is the the first step to getting back into harmony with Mother Nature, who has been very patient with humanity indeed.

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Fill out this form to order your milk kefir grains, water grains, or a kombucha culture. Remember to include your full name and mailing address.   **Grow your own greens indoors. Add the tiny micro green kit ($15) to your order and get free shipping on your kefir grains. A thoughtful gift for an adult or child. 

**Flash, I have version two of the micro green kit available now. Click on the "more" tab to read all about it.

Please view the "Prices" page before ordering anything. Thanks. (517) 610-8366

Pittsford, MI 49271 (My complete address will be sent after I receive your order so you will know where to send your payment.)


I am a farmer and I do not always carry my phone with me. It is best to leave a message by email if you have a question. Thanks. Marilyn