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Milk Kefir Grains

My milk kefir grains are raised on raw goat milk from my own herd of goats. They switch to cows milk just fine, even the pasteurized milk from the store.

Tiny Micro Green Kit

Grow your own micro greens the easy way. This method guarantees your success every time. Set it up and walk away until harvest, 10-14 days later. No daily watering required so your micro greens do not need to take up space in your kitchen or near a water supply.

One customer thought this was an ingenious invention. I thought so too. So it was time to share it with the world and get more people empowered to grow more of their own food starting with greens, the most nutrient dense food on earth.

Kombucha Culture/Scoby

Kombucha Tea is in a class all by itself. Made from green or black tea and sugar, the taste resembles apple cider. It tastes good all by itself but you can flavor it any way you want. 

Water Grains

Grown on cane sugar and flavored any way you want this is another alternative to dairy kefir. I make no claims for health benefits on any of the three cultures I sell. For that you'll have to do your own research.




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Fill out this form to order your milk kefir grains, water grains, or a kombucha culture. Remember to include your full name and mailing address.   **Grow your own greens indoors. Add the tiny micro green kit to your order and get free shipping on your kefir grains. A thoughtful gift for an adult or child. 


Pittsford, MI 49271

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I am a farmer and I don't always carry my phone with me. It is best to leave a message by email if you have a question. Thanks. Marilyn